We know that moving can be chaotic and exciting! Here are the top ten tips to help make your move be as smooth as possible.

Map a timeline so crucial details aren’t lost in the shuffle. Set a series of deadlines, starting at least two months before the move, to cover all foreseeable projects.

Many factors contribute to a great neighborhood: cost of living, job market, schools, parks, climate, culture, etc.

A new start can be reinvigorating for some and terrifying for others. Take some time to address the emotional stresses a move may have on each family member, and try to foster positive feelings.

Take a tour of your current neighborhood and compare other properties with your own, or check local listings online. This can give you a rough estimate when you’re ready to sell your house.

Weigh the costs and conveniences of hiring professional movers. List a quick inventory and the miles your move will cover. Professional movers could turn out better for your wallet and your back.

A move carries a lot of hidden expenses. Try to account for every detail before you begin. Create a moving budget. Be sure to include cleaning and decluttering, transportation and packing expenses.

Keep all documentation of your move stored in a single file: mover’s workbook, measurements, bills, estimates, receipts, etc. Spare yourself the frustration (during the move and tax season). Keep your move – and its paperwork – organized.

Make a smoother transition to your new home by sending important information ahead of time. Transfer medical, dental and school records. Be sure you take copies of important financial and legal documents with you.

Most moves will affect your insurance coverage. Check with your provider to see if you’re covered under your current policy. A move could also shift your current rates, or necessitate new coverage.

Give your family and friends early notice, so you won’t miss important events. Alert colleagues as well, so your professional network stays intact when the rest of your stuff is disassembled.