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Moving Companies 101 – How do They Charge?

Moving Companies 101 – How do They Charge?

Movers, whether they are the ones who will relocate you to another neighborhood or across the country, are such great assistance for all of us. Moving companies are businesses like any other, and we can distinguish the good and bad ones from them. But, what are the basic pricing norms in which professional movers make a living? How to they charge you for their services?

Moving You Locally

Local movers are going to perform a relocation inside a city area or even a state. These are the so-called short-distance relocation. Local relocating experts should do a quick and efficient job of moving all your belongings. This type of relocation is usually charged by the hours, and the moving companies (as well as any Chicago moving company) have their on minimum of hours for which you can hire them and have to pay them. So, if the movers charge a three-hour minimum, even if the job is done within two hours, you will pay three hours worth of job done.

Long-Distance Relocation

Long distance movers are the ones who will relocate you beyond the state’s borders. These pros will move you either to a neighboring state or perform a cross-country move. The pricing between the local moves and this one differs quite a bit – since it’s not realistic to charge per hour, the prices vary based on the items being relocated and/or the distance. It is logical that the prices for a long distance move are higher than the local ones, and it’s different to transport plain furniture versus the very valuable or antique one. Also, each relocation which includes crossing the state border is considered a long-distance one, even though it doesn’t actually have to be long distance (if the two cross-state towns are very near).

Professional Packing Staff

Packing services are also included in something movers do and are additionally charged. That also depends on the number of packed items. It is a nice idea to have someone who will do this boring and stressful job for you.


Besides moving and packing, the movers can provide you with the safe area to store all your goods. The pricing for any kind of storage depends on the company providing storage facilities.

BEWARE, Scammers!

Aside from legal and legitimate ways to charge you, there are also the other ones who want to earn a fortune by cheating people. There are many ways how the scam moving companies steal the money out of your pocket. One of the most popular ones is through a price estimate. While the certified firms will give you pretty much exact estimates, the scammers’ estimates will differ a lot from the initial price. The best way to see through such scammers and prevent being ‘robbed’ is if you notice that the estimated price is too good to be true.

Moving professionals – sounds good, but is it too expensive? Find out more about forming prices of pro relocation services, local, long-distance, packing, etc.

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