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It’s easy to fail when planning a move

Moving Fails – How To Avoid Them

It’s such an exciting thing to move to a new house, right? There is no better way to kick-start a new year or chapter of your life in a brand new environment, full of possibilities. On the other hand, we cannot oversee one fact – moving process can be a massive pain in the neck. A relocation process, whether it’s local or long-distance one, can easily be one of the most stressful things in your life. However, we can provide you with a couple of useful advice on how not to turn your moving into a nightmare.

Here are some situations that can be defined as moving fails and how to prevent them from happening.

Broken Goods

“I feel like a pro; I don’t need any advice on how to pack my dishes and figurines… I got it all under control!” Then, you unpack after transport and discover all those shattered plates in the boxes. Dear Lord, how?! Or, your furniture gets damaged even after you think you ‘protected it the right way.’ We won’t say we told you so. These things happen to those who aren’t experienced enough with the relocations.

Avoiding tip: Make sure to get informed about how to pack your fragile goods and to protect your furniture properly. You can find many useful packing tips on our blog, or you can hire our team of local movers or long distance movers for a professional helping hand.

Your Furniture Can’t Fit Through the Door

If you are a DIY fan, this is a common mishap. You are very confident in your own moving organization, you get everything done, and on a moving day you find out that your huge couch just can’t fit through that narrow door space. How did you let this slip? Well, when these things happen, it might be too late.

Avoiding tip: Be sure to measure all your furniture and the door it needs to go through. Be mindful of the details like couch legs, hinges, etc. Again, you can always hire our best Chicago movers, and they can do all the thinking and planning for you.

Hiring Moving Scammers

If you haven’t done your research about the Chicago moving company you hired, you might be in a lot of trouble. What are the possible scenarios? There are many – they can be late on a moving day, they can damage your belongings, they won’t offer any insurance coverage, and the worst of all – you can end up missing your furniture thanks to those ‘movers.’ This is what the scammers might do, and none of these scenarios is pretty.

Avoiding tip: Nobody is going to protect you if you don’t make sure to protect yourself. Therefore, do what you have to do before a big relocation. Checking if the moving company is properly licensed and insured is the number one task. There is a list of companies who are equipped with license and insurance (like STI Moving). When you hire a certified moving company, your moving process will be a smoother and more comfortable experience.

It’s easy to fail when planning a move – it’s so much work. To avoid failing, consider all these useful advice to make your relocation go smoothly as butter!

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