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First time moving?

How To: Moving Heavy Furniture

How To: Moving Heavy Furniture

First time moving? Yay! Carrying tons of heavy load? Double yay! Well, of course, we can be sarcastic at the beginning. Transporting heavy load is a demanding and challenging thing to do, and the massive boxes are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s majesty, furniture, is the real deal. There is no doubt that we can offer some useful tips for you to move all that heavy furniture and to make sure nothing breaks, whether you have professional help or not. We in Mundelein are always there to give you a hand!

Before Moving

  • Moving in one piece? No! – Sometimes the furniture is too inconvenient and too big to relocate in one piece. To take care of that, disassembling it would be the key. Taking apart some furniture into smaller pieces that are easier to carry would be helpful – and if you are not sure on how to do it, getting professional help would be a smart thing to do.
  • Protect! – there are many different ways to make sure to safeguard pieces of your furniture that need protection, in order to transport it without damaging or breaking. Any parts that are delicate in any way or made of glass should be carefully wrapped in bubble wrap, blankets, or whatever that will protect it.
  • Inspect! – take a look at the space you have to carry the furniture through before starting to carry it. Narrow hallways, objects that can be in the way, etc. are the things to consider. Nothing should be stuck or damaged, so plan it beforehand.

Precaution measures

Are you going to try to do all the heavy lifting by yourself? If you are not hiring professionals to do it, make sure to take care of a few crucial things. The proper posture is one of the essentials on not to injure yourself. Keep your back as straight as possible, use good gloves and avoid sudden awkward moves. Also, whenever you can, avoid pulling – it can cause some severe injuries (like a hernia, especially for men). Also, choosing the right clothes and shoes is a must – do not do it in flip-flops or baggy clothes. Anything that can distract you or be slippery is a terrible idea.

Do Not Do It Alone

Moving heavy stuff is not a one-man job. We don’t underestimate you, we just don’t want you to get injured, plus you will get the job done sooner. Whether you want to hire pros or ask your friends for help – any help is a smart move to make. We always recommend professional help, especially when you are moving the furniture along some not easily accessible spots (upstairs or downstairs, in narrow staircases, etc.). Some things are just not worth your risk – hiring people to take care of your belongings in a professional way,  without you ending up injured is the right thing to do.

Heavy load doesn’t have to be a big trouble once you get well-organized. With the right tips, you can have a smooth relocation that is easy and stress-free.

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