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Stress-Free Before Move – Riverside IL Moving Blog

Stress-Free Before Move – Riverside IL Moving Blog

Stress-Free Before Move – Riverside IL Moving Blog

It’s not a secret that moving (especially to an entirely new environment) is a huge cause of stress. As we take care of our residents here in Riverside, we also want to make their moving process as smooth as possible. Is there a way to minimize all that stress caused by your relocation? Of course, there is. These few pieces of advice will help you be calm, cool, and collected during your moving process.

Plan, Plan, Plan

A cure for all the stress is proper preparation. You won’t be upset about the things you have to do to finalize your big move if you are well-prepared. Nobody can guarantee that everything will go as planned, but the better the preparation, the less are the chances that something can go wrong. Also, if something doesn’t go as planned, you will handle it better if you are well-organized. Take your time to prepare the relocation at least a month ahead, and then go slow – from the essentials to the fine details. Doesn’t it feel good when you have things under control?

Don’t Save Money on Movers

Everybody who is going through a move gets into this dilemma. “Do I really need movers? I mean, it’s just a waste of money. I can handle it all by myself, can’t I? How hard can it be?” If you don’t have professionals on hand, trust us – it can get too hard.  Not being able to organize things properly, breaking your valuables, having difficulties with carrying a massive load as furniture, etc. – not hiring movers sounds like a bad idea, and it is. As much as we all want to save our money, sometimes we need to leave some things to the pros. If you don’t want the whole moving process to seem like the ‘pivot’ scene in Friends – having guys from the moving company to help you will be the best.

Take Time to Pack

Maybe some people enjoy packing, but we didn’t meet any. It is a tedious chore which we would all like to avoid if possible. That is why it’s important not to procrastinate on packing. If you have to do it by rushing into it, there comes the stress. If you do the packing on time, it will save you sleepless nights and your nerves. Do it all by the book – carefully pack the fragile items; follow the ‘small equals heavy and vice versa’ rule. If you do it right, you will thank yourself later.

Make a Toast to Job Well Done

Once you are done with all the hard work will be the great time to congratulate yourself. Yay, you’re done with the organizing and packing ‘nightmare!’ Well, let’s not be so dramatic – but, moving your entire household, or better say, your life to another place is stressful. So, coming to an end of the packing and moving adventure is an excellent opportunity for a toast. Cheers to you!

Let’s not get all stressed out – you can handle the move without worry if you organize well. You can do it with the help of our professional movers at STI Moving.

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