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Unpacking boxes after moving

How To: Become Unpacking Pro

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If you have a long distance move before you, you must be in front of a challenging task. Moving on with your life and moving to a new neighborhood is emotional as well as challenging in many ways. Aside from the fact that we guarantee you will have a great experience when you move to our Libertyville, we can understand the complex emotions during the whole moving process.

A move will surely go smoothly if you hire the professionals (like our crew at STI Moving) to help you out, but after the moving comes one more challenging task- unpacking. It does sound horrifying if you moved your entire household. The most important thing here is the organization, just like the initial packing process. Let’s guide you through a few crucial stages of making your unpacking go smoothly and stress-free.

Let Pros Set Up Furniture

Hiring a moving company is not only relevant and useful for the very relocation, but also for the ‘before’ and ‘after’ process. If you have a professional team of movers to put together all the moved furniture, all the unpacking that you do later will be much simpler and easier. The largest pieces of furniture are the most important, such as kitchen elements, couches, beds, closets, etc. Assembling the furniture is the essential part of the ‘unpacking’ process. Also, you have to know where to put every piece of furniture, which makes the further unpacking go easily.

Where Are My Essentials?

If you have just entered a brand new space you moved into, think about what you will need first. You will surely need your basic toiletries, some clothes, cleaning items, and so. Make sure to have all those things on hand while unpacking because it can take a while, and you will need to change clothes, go to the bathroom, clean the area, wash your hands, etc. Also, your brand new kitchen might not be the first room you will use once you move in, but you will have to use the bathroom. Make your bathroom usable as soon as possible.

Don’t Be All Over The Place

‘Where are my dishes? Wait… I was just folding my turtlenecks. No! Help me with that cabinet in the living room!’ Ok, you need to chill. Going from one room to another, without any plan or organization, is going to make your unpacking process last forever. One room at a time is the key! Nevertheless, if you feel like you’re losing your grip, a trained moving team will help you out on getting it together.

Think Seasonal

Unpacking is a big task, but it can be simple with a good plan. So, when you’re unpacking, for example, empty the boxes with the clothes of the current season – if it’s autumn, you surely don’t need to unpack summer clothes right now. You can leave that for last.

A big, long distance move can be an amazing adventure if you have the right approach and the right team to be there for you. Whether you are going away from our Libertyville suburbs or you’re just moving in, we guarantee you a smooth relocation. Our team is like true friends in need!

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