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Packing Boxes

Packing Boxes – Things To Be Mindful Of

If you are in Lake Barrington and preparing a long distance move, especially in the winter time, it might take extra patience and care. You don’t want Santa to bring you additional presents; you are praying for the handy boxes. If you are inexperienced with packing boxes and moving in general, relocating your entire wardrobe, dishes and other valuables might turn into a nightmare. At STI Moving, we can provide you not only with the boxes but also with the useful tips on how to pack. Also, you can count on our help while packing. So, what are the things you should be mindful of while packing all those boxes?

Label Your Boxes

When you are moving into or away from our beautiful suburb Lake Barrington, packing boxes can be a major pain in the neck. If you are not well organized, you can easily get lost in a pile of boxes with random stuff in there and you don’t know in which box is what. Not to make that mistake and complicate things for yourself the important thing to do is to label the boxes. As the boxes will end up stacked on top of one another, make sure to label them on the sides so you can always read the content of each box.

‘The Heavier – The Smaller’ Rule

Whenever you are packing boxes, the general and well-known rule is to pack heavy items in smaller boxes, and lighter items into larger boxes. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of these common-sense rules because we might make mistakes, especially in a hurry. Whether you are doing the packing and moving all by yourself or you’re packing the stuff for the movers, make sure to follow this rule. It will make the whole moving process easier and faster.

Wiggle, Wiggle? Only In A Song!

All the boxes should always be filled as much as possible, without leaving any ‘wiggle’ room in them. If you are not careful with packing and leave one-third of the boxes empty, there is more chance to break something fragile inside them. A smart thing to do is to fill the remaining space of the box with some blankets, clothes, or towels. It will make the box much more secured.

Tired Of All That Cardboard? Get Eco!

If you don’t want to waste money on buying all those packing boxes or if there is no way that you can get as many of them for free, reusable boxes could be the solution for you. These boxes are a much cheaper option and eco-friendly as well. They are also sturdy, easy to stack, and convenient. We can deliver the boxes to you, and you return them after the move – simple as that!

Can’t Handle Packing On Your Own? Hire Pros!

If it seems like all that packing is too much for you, hiring professionals is always a way to go. Professionals, such as our movers from Lake Barrington, can handle all the physical part of the job for you while you do the emotional portion of the preparations. Packing your life in a box is easy if you have pros to give you a hand, or advice!

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