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Moving To Windy City – Life In Chicago

Moving To Windy City – Pros And Cons Of Life In Chicago

There isn’t a city in the USA that was such fast-developing and exciting at the time. Living in a vast metropolitan area such as our beloved Chicago can be the right choice for some and a big mistake for the others. It’s all a matter of perspective and one’s preference, but one thing is for sure – it is always worth visiting and feeling the spirit of the city. It has to be on everybody’s bucket list! But, let’s try to be objective about our town and point out some advantages and disadvantages of living here.

Chicago Life – Pros

  • Food, food, food – one thing is for sure, the food here is fantastic! Since it’s well-known that Chicago is a home to so many ethnicities and races, the cuisine is also colorful. You can get some amazing Italian, Chinese, Greek, Ethiopian, etc. food delicacies in our city. Also, the Chicagoan specialty, deep dish pizza, is a must try. Yummy!
  • Sports as a staple – when we think of a vibrant and dynamic sporting scene, we think of Chicago clubs. Bulls, Bears, White Sox, Blackhawks… well, there are the Cubs, too, but they are also loved. So, for the lovers of basketball, football, and more, there is a lot to choose from.
  • Well-built – the amazing skyline is what Chicago can be proud of. Also, the architecture of this city’s buildings is amazing and loved.
  • Never boring – the nightlife in the Windy City never disappoints. There are so many bars and clubs for the ones that are the life of the party. For the others who aren’t the partying type, there are so many art museums and numerous conventions to choose from. Whether you choose art, science, or partying – you won’t regret!

Chicago Life – Cons
Just like in every city, Chicagoans can’t deny the cons about their hometown. Some are just annoying, and some very problematic – either way, they make the city less attractive.

  • Winter weather – so many times, and also in this article, you can come across the term ‘Windy City.’ They call Chicago that way for no reason! Especially in the winter time, that wind goes through your bones, make you freeze and ask yourself: „Why did I come here in the first place?“ Yes, Chicago winter is long, cold, and windy. But, come to think of it, it does make the people appreciate the warm weather so much more. They have to!
  • Midwest is cheap, Chicago is not – especially referring to the city area, Chicago housing, renting, etc. prices are on the rise. The suburbs are not as expensive, but the downtown area is annoyingly costly, especially when you compare it to the rest of the Midwest region.
  • Gunfights – yeah, the most terrible con that we can all agree on. Also, „Chiraq“ is a very controversial nickname our city got due to some recent violence and incidents including guns.

Aside from the violence part, each pro can be someone else’s con and vice versa. That is why it’s up to you to decide if you want to become a Chicagoan. One thing is for sure – you are surely welcome to become one.

Extra – Moving Process

When we mention Chicago area’s pros and cons, if you want to move to the Windy City, you will want to be well informed about the moving companies in here. You need someone trustworthy, efficient and affordable to handle the relocation.

Moving process is never simple, and it isn’t a one-day thing, given the amount of work one has to do to relocate. To make a move successful, there are a few crucial things to take care of:

  • Organization – when you know the exact moving date, you can start organizing your schedule until then. Give yourself enough time to prepare everything, and the whole process will go well. If you hire a moving company that can help you with your moving schedule (like STI Moving and Storage), you will be more relaxed since you’ve got the help of pros.
  • Packing – sometimes it’s hard to start because you don’t know where to start. And when you start, it seems like it won’t end. If you seek help from the moving pros, these people can also help you with packing. Depending on your budget and packing needs, you can order boxes, whole packing kits, and they can even do the packing for you.
  • Moving day – when the big day comes, you want to make sure everything is prepared for the movers and transport. You should be mindful of hiring certified movers because they will take good care of all your belongings and you will have If you are interested in hiring a reliable and certified moving company, visit our moving company website and get more info. Moving to Chicago can be a piece of cake!
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