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Hiring Professionals For Long Distance Move

Hiring Professionals For Long Distance Move – Why?

Hardly anyone can say that they know a person who hasn’t had a stressful time while preparing a big move. There are so many reasons why this period of your life can be nerve-wracking and all about testing your limits. If you have a big household and a big family, a big move can quickly turn into a nightmare.

To be completely honest, there was the time when hiring a moving company was a privilege of the wealthy ones. There, undoubtedly, was a time when only rich people could afford to hire someone to carry or – imagine that – pack their belongings. Nowadays, it has become a serious business and extremely helpful, not to mention affordable. So, why should you hire professionals to help you relocate?

Because you’re probably not a college boy

Kids who are moving to a college dorm can get away with their father’s SUV and a few bags or suitcases. So, we can agree on that – if you are moving away from your parents to go to college, and more importantly, to a place where you already have all the necessary furniture (but, maybe, a lamp that you can bring), you don’t need a professional movers’ help. Everybody else usually does. It is virtually impossible to transport all the household with your own cars, or with the help of your neighbors. Well, maybe if you’re lucky that your neighbor has a huge truck.

Because pros know how to organize

If you are, let’s say, moving inside a tri-state area and you are moving the amount of stuff that can fit into a four-bedroom house and on top of that, you have three weeks to plan everything – you have a bit of a problem. A moving company staff can help you organize the entire moving process without any stress or worry. It does sound impossible, but we promise it’s not.

Because you need the manpower

Many people, especially men, think they are strong enough to lift the heavy load. You might think you can lift your wooden closet with a couple of friends until you experience terrible back pain and can’t get out of bed. Is this necessary? Moreover, if you have any fragile or antique furniture, it’s more likely you’re going to destroy it while trying to transport it yourself. Save yourself the trouble and call the people trained for the job. I know, it can be terrible for the ego, but try!

Because you will have insurance

If you hire certified moving company, you will get the insurance coverage. It means you will be insured from every damage or loss. How can you lose your own stuff, you might wonder? Well, let’s say you pack both trash and linen in the garbage bags, and because of the poor organization, one ends in the trash can, and it’s not the trash – and you find out too late. Yes, the author might know this from their own embarrassing experience, but the important thing is that you can avoid it.

Finally, when you think of all the cost of begging someone to help you and driving back and forth five times to transport your clothes and kitchen appliances – you can hire great, professional movers for that. Save yourself the stress, some people do this for a living, and they do it amazingly well!

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  • Sharon Wilson-Smith Dec 29, 2017 at 2:55 AM

    I like that you talked about how you must consider hiring a professional moving company that’s trained properly to help you move any fragile and antique furniture. My parents are looking to move to their new house, and it’s important for them to make sure that their antique sets of furniture are going to be protected from any possible damages that moving may cause. It is crucial for them to ensure that only trained and skilled people are going to help them move their valuables for a peace of mind. I will make sure to share your blog with them so they can consider all your tips on hiring a moving company.

    • STI Moving Jan 01, 2018 at 10:01 AM

      Thank you!

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