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Moving And Stress? Let's Curb That!

Moving And Stress? Let’s Curb That!

Wherever we turn, when people talk about a big move, they highlight the positive aspects of it – a new neighborhood, new experiences, new people, new opportunities. This can all be true, but let’s not ignore the apparent downside of it, which is stress. What are the biggest causes of stress in life? Along with a divorce, losing your job, illness, or even a loss of a loved one, moving is in a tight competition with these life events. There is no denying that a move is such a mental challenge for all of us. Leaving such a chunk of your life and starting over somewhere else takes guts. For all the brave ones who are moving to a neighboring state or across the country in a search for a better life, new job, new chapter – let’s mention some tips on how to make it less stressful and more fun.

Be sad about it – then, get happy

We agree, moving can be such a positive thing for you, but especially if you have to move but don’t want to, you will be sad. Be sad! It’s okay to be sad about it! Hiding your emotions is not going to do you any favor – be real about your feelings and process it on your own. A big part of moving on in any life situation is being ready to accept it. Accept that it’s happening, be sad about it – and it will help you feel better. Then it will be the right time to change the viewpoint and make the most out of the situation.

Planning is the key

Yes, we all tend to procrastinate – it is a thing we are all guilty of in some points of our lives. A move, however, is not a time to do it. To go through such a significant change and then do it all last minute will make your head explode, so don’t go that road. Take a piece of paper, make notes about all you have to do far ahead, as much as you can. You will thank yourself later.

Friends, oh friends!

One of the hardest parts of moving, aside from leaving your family, is being far away from your friends. We are so blessed with the internet era nowadays, so make chat groups and keep in touch, and more importantly – make plans on when and how to meet. The best friendships will survive any distance if they are real!

Moving company can make things easier

Long distance movers can help you so much regarding organization and planning. When there are professionals you can rely on, it is so much easier to be more relaxed about another aspects of moving. And let’s be honest, are you really that strong to move a huge chunk of furniture or a piano? Don’t break your furniture or your back – hire pros!

New beginning, new surrounding – new things to look forward to

Yes, it can be an end of an era (your author has also had some tough moves, especially emotionally) but rest assured that it’s a beginning of a new, and usually better one. Get to know your new neighborhood, meet the people, be active and motivated about it. Life is all about the emotions and feelings – make this change a great one, no one can do it but you!

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