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Moving, Packing Hacks

Moving, Packing Hacks – What To Do? And, How To Pack Emotions?

Moving, Packing Hacks – What To Do? And, How To Pack Emotions?

Home sweet home? Hmmmm. When people even think of moving, they get a headache. “All this stuff… How come I have all this stuff? It didn’t seem like it!” If you don’t act strategically when moving, you might go nuts. Jokes aside, for a successful move, there are a few tips to follow that will make your move a lot easier. Also, the emotional aspect should never be neglected – the move can be stressful regarding packing and organizing, but moving into a new home, especially to a different city, is a big deal for most people.

Time is crucial

When you plan on moving, take a look at your house or apartment. Look at the furniture, household, clothes, books. Seems a lot? It is, and it is always more than it looks. For that reason, imagine the time you need to organize everything. When you calculate some days you think are necessary for the organization and packing, add a couple more – you will need them.

Packing boxes are great – garbage bags are awesome

It is beneficial to have the large boxes for storing stuff, but the garbage bags are the ones that can get stored and transported easily because they can fit where the boxes can’t – the boxes take up more space. So, all the non-breakable items should be in the bags. They don’t look fancy, but if you want to handle the packing yourself, this will be a favor to you.

Make the move go faster – be ready for the movers

When the movers arrive, you should be done with all the packing, and they should be able to put everything in the truck. That saves time for them as well, and you will be done quicker.

Movers can save so much time on packing

When you hire a dependable moving company (like STI Moving & Storage Inc.), you can ask them to bring some wardrobe boxes, so you don’t have to pack your closet, for instance. They can just take the clothes while they’re on the hangers, and when you move, it is so much easier to put them back in the closet.

The heavier the stuff, the smaller the box and vice versa

Ever thought of packing something heavy in a huge box? Don’t make that mistake – you’re not doing yourself (or the movers) a favor. Use smaller boxes for the most massive items, like books, and the big ones for the fluffier pieces, like pillows.

The purge

Did you always want to get rid of some clothes or unnecessary stuff that was only taking up space in your house? If you haven’t done it by now, a move is a perfect time to do so. Take the time to organize and perform a cleanup so you can start things fresh in a new home. We can all be low-key hoarders sometimes and now is the time to do the necessary purge.

Still feel lost? There are always professional movers to help

If you feel like you can’t make it on time and that you are just making a mess, professional moving companies and their teams can even help you pack. The team at STI Moving & Storage Inc. can do it all, from carrying a heavy load to packing the china.

Memories are to be preserved, yet new experiences are coming your way

Saying goodbye to the home you’ve been in for years can be an emotional rollercoaster. An excellent way to get into a positive vibe while moving is to think of all the great new things coming your way once you move out. Get yourself into a good mood about moving; nobody else is going to do it for you!

Visualization as important as organization

Visualizing having a great time in your new home, as well as unpacking as soon as possible are some of the tricks to help you feel good, confident, and accomplished from the very first day of moving in. Never underestimate the power of your mind in any situation – it can always help you set yourself in a great, optimistic mood without crying for days over your old neighborhood.

Remember, home is never an actual house or building – home is a feeling we create, wherever we are. Good luck moving (on)!

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