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Moving to Chicago Area

Important Things to Know Before Moving to Chicago Area

Important Things To Know Before Moving To Chicago Area

A move is such a crucial part of anyone’s life. Changing one’s location, especially coming to an entirely different area can have a significant impact on your life, progress, professional success, and on helping you define to yourself who you really are. Seems exaggerated? Actually, it isn’t, because our neighborhood can affect both our and the life of our children. Nevertheless, relocation is both an exciting and a stressful period of our life.

Chicago area, with its suburbs, is such a beautiful place to live.  But yet, there are so many things to get used to when considering moving to this large metropolitan area in Illinois. Let’s mention some of them:

‘Loving Neighbors’ is an actual thing here                                     

Whether you move into the city area or the suburbs, your neighbors will surely accept you. One of the things most people love about relocating to Chicago area is being warmly welcomed by the neighborhood. Especially for the families, suburban areas such as Buffalo Grove and Libertyville are the best to raise children in with the friendly people around you.

Chicago is one of the cities that take pride in the diversity and acceptance of the newcomers. We can confirm that when you come to Chicago, even though it’s a vast city, you just feel the warmth of a small town.

Public transportation is great

Many people across the US are just used to having a car and feeling like they’re not able to live without it. In Chicago, the situation is different – you can rely on the excellent public transit. Even if you don’t want to but don’t have a car yet, getting an Uber, or even car sharing are such accessible and affordable options.

Cold, yet cozy

We’ve got bad news for the ones who just moved to Chicago. Winters are freezing! There is no way to be fashionable in the winter time. A warm coat and boots just as warm are a necessity. For the commuters and the ones who like taking walks – prepare for a cold winter. If you hate cold weather, at least it’s a great motivation to save up for a vacation in a tropical destination for the Christmas holidays. The Windy City will make you appreciate summer so much more!

Also, this cold winter makes you want to gather up in a warm house with all your friends and get cozy – just hang out more. It has its bright side, doesn’t it?

The gorgeous lakeside

What does this city have that the others don’t? A beautiful lakeside which is a real jewel, especially in the spring and summer time – it’s such a perk! There are so many ways to make use of these beaches and the overall city’s 18.5-mile lakefront. The lake is what gives a little extra magic to the Chicago area – some can enjoy long bike rides and walks along the beach, or swimming during the summer. When the sunny days come, it’s easy to make the most out of this outdoor area and greenery around the lake.

It is possible to find affordable real estate

Even though there are some wealthy areas in Chicago (Schaumburg, Lake Zurich, etc.), it is possible to find places with the lower rents and overall real estate pricing. Chicago is overall a bargain comparing cities like San Francisco. Just find a professional moving company like STI Moving & Storage Inc. and come here. Our Windy City is the best!

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